All custom cakes are baked to order, using quality ingredients.

Your cake is covered and layered with your choice of chocolate ganache or flavoured butter cream.

All decorative cakes are encased in chocolate ganache (white or dark) before the fondant icing is applied.

Below are some of the most common flavours, fillings and toppings.

I can make whatever you like and give you guidance on what will work together.

Cake Flavours

Mud – White Chocolate / Caramel / Jaffa / Marbled – Mud cake is a favourite for its rich flavour and moist yet crumbly texture.

Chocolate Fudge – a very dense chocolate cake, similar to a brownie but even more chocolate and very moist.

Chocolate (Gluten Free) – as above but using gluten free flour.

Choc mint – it’s chocolate fudge plus a hint of mint.

Vanilla – a rich buttery dense cake which really packs a vanilla punch.

Banana – dense and rich. Great with a buttercream filling or left plain and topped with a rich caramel sauce.

Rich Fruit – packed full of fruit my rich fruit cake is a heavy dense delicious Christmas favourite.

Orange and Almond Cake (Gluten Free) – a heavy dense cake, moist and full of flavour. Contains no flour.

Luscious Lemon – lemony butter cake.

Coconut – A rich and dense coconut cake made with buttermilk.


  • Vanilla butter cream
  • Chocolate butter cream
  • Mocha butter cream
  • Lemon zest butter cream
  • Lime zest butter cream
  • White chocolate ganache
  • Dark chocolate ganache

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